Put some relaxing music on and relax as this amazing ionic foot bath removes toxins and unwanted chemicals from your body. 

Toxins, Heavy Metals and other unnatural elements attach themselves to the tissues of the body using a positive ionic (electrical) bond.  The energy from the Ionic Foot Detox Machine is negatively charged and stronger than the positive charge these Toxic Materials use to attach themselves to the body.   The toxin’s bonds with the body are broken and carried away by the Lymphatic System to be cleansed by the Liver and Kidneys.  

The energy of the water enters through the meridian points in the feet and uses these meridians like power lines.  The Meridians are stimulated and function more efficiently and energize the body.  This cleansing continues for 3-4 days after the initial foot bath.

Elimination of pain, headaches, insomnia, allergies skin disorders rheumatism, mental ‘fog’, infections, chronic fatigue,  molds, parasites, candida etc. often occurs.

There have been numerous reports that Endo-Skeletal Pain has either been substantially diminished or eliminated.  This would include Arthritis, Back and Joint Pain.

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