Life Coach

Since I was very young I have always known where someone was coming from and often have been able to support them and to understand where they were and where they were going.   I understand that it is the Guides working through me and I am humbled and totally grateful for this ability.

One day in the late 1980's, when I was returning from walking the Lion’s Gate Mountains in British Columbia I was experiencing a difficult time, wondering what my own purpose was! 
I ached to know and as I spoke with Great Spirit and asked Great Spirit to give me an answer, a car pulled up and asked for directions.   No problem — I knew the area and directed them on their way.   Within the next 10 minutes that day, two more cars pulled up and asked for directions as well.   This was not normal for we were not near an area where people from the highway would show up.  Again I directed the people on their way and realized that it felt so good to have helped them all.

At that point a voice said   “You are a guide!”

"What?" I thought.

"You are a guide!”  came the voice again.

My heart was filling with great joy and I said to myself,  “I am a guide!”  This totally resonated with all the times in my life that I had supported people on their journeys through life.  This truly resonated!

I asked, Great Spirit to show me a sign.   Immediately out of dimension above my head appeared the most beautiful bald eagle.  The eagle circled three times and disappeared.   This was a definite answer ‘Yes’ to me.   I am a guide!   One of my gifts! 

I have successfully helped many move forward and empowered them to change frequencies with intent and support from their guides, angels and ascended masters and Great Spirit  (God).  I am humbled each day to be in service.

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