When I massage a client I am working on the physical body to bring that person into perfect physical balance. I give a full body massage—head to toes.  It relieves stress and those tired muscles and promotes circulation and lymph movement, relaxation and removal of tightness, knots and pains. 

I perform a massage that incorporate several massage techniques but does not follow a set pattern.  I describe it saying,

``My hands go to where they are called and the kind of massage that is required comes through``

I definitely give a massage that is relaxing, and also one that targets the tense and painful muscles, tendons and ligaments and works out the knots, but I perform this without the excessive stretching and deep tissue manipulations. Massage encourages healing by promoting the flow of blood & lymph, relieving tension, stimulating nerves, & stretching & loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic.

Massage also provides a great sense of well-being. Human touch is very positive and healing because it releases endorphins.  People describe feeling lighter, more balanced, happier.  People who are on their feet a lot love my massage.  They come in with swollen, tired and heavy legs.
and afterwards feel refreshed and stimulated.

A also feel that in a massage session it is beneficial for the client if I am given permission to utilize other tools from my healing modality chest.  When I do massage I like to integrate reflexology and if the client desires I also incorporate energy work (Reiki and Zenith Omega)

I believe the energy work is important because all imbalance and dis-ease starts with the emotional build up of stored energies. When we move those energies with the use of Reiki or Zenith Omega then the physical can come into alignment and hold the treatment longer, easier---forever.  The energy work shifts the massage from one that works on the physical to one that includes the shifting of mental and emotional blocks, as well.

I always ask permission to do the extra energy work and use only those modalities that I understand will support each individual at the time it is needed.  I am clairsentient (feeling), claircognizant (knowing) and clairaudient (hearing). My clairvoyant abilities have been most advantageous in integrating other levels of healing with massage.

My ‘healing’ room is filled with angels and ascended masters of light and love, ready to support and to facilitate in the work that I do. Earth is a planet of free choice and these magnificent beings and friends from ‘the other side’ and from ‘other dimensions of light and love’ cannot support us unless we ask them to help and /or do the work.  I will often hear them say things like: ‘Bring the colour yellow into the kidney area‘  or ‘Ask for chakra balancing‘ or ‘Ask for past life clearing for this issue‘.   When I hear these requests, if it feels right, I give the angels and ascended masters permission to go ahead by repeating in my head the request.

A massage takes 60-75 minutes.  If reflexology is included add 20-25 ;minutes.

The energy work is integrated into the actual physical part of the massage and normally does not require additional time.

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