Nutritional Consultant

I began my journey to learn how the body worked in the early 1980’s when I was having many of the severe symptoms of Systemic Candida often called "yeast overgrowth". The importance of cleansing and nutrient assimilation became most obvious to me.

When we put good fuel into our cars and clean the filters they run better. When we put the right food and nutrients into our bodies and make sure we are detoxing and eliminating properly our abilities to be healthy are much greater.

Luckily, I was led to a naturopathic doctor who immediately identified the problem as Yeast Overgrowth.  Yeast is the precursor of many diseases, yet there are many books out about it and still few medical doctors will address this root cause of disease.

I was fatigued and would come home and go to bed so I could make it through the next day. I was losing my memory and was finding it increasingly difficult to focus on anything. I was often cross, my nerves were shot and I was almost paranoid. Evan, my late husband, would smile at me and I would snap! I would watch myself act out of control and be unable to stop. The muscles in my legs were weakening and I was having trouble walking any distance, especially upstairs - I think it was the precursor of MS. I was always hungry and was putting on weight and bloating, even though I was not eating very much. The kicker was when I was rushed to emergency one day with shooting pains in my intestinal area and nothing could be found. Now, I bless those days because they directed me to learn about what natural healing could do to bring someone back to wellness .

Working with amazing and connected naturopath doctors and nutritionists gave me a wealth of knowledge and understanding.  I learned about herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements, parasite cleanses, and all the other important aspects of making sure the right things enter the body and maintaining a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle.  I did not just learn it, I lived it to become healthy and I continue to follow this path.  The experience of recovering from being ill through nutrition and the knowledge I have garnered because of it has certainly helped me to guide many others to move forward into more healthy living.

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