I have been a Reflexology practitioner since 1999.  Reflexology is a 5,000 year old revived science. 

The principle behind Reflexology is that there are energy zones that run throughout the body, and there are reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts. By stimulating the reflex areas, the energy pathways can be relaxed and opened up to allow revitalization of the body on many levels. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural function of the related areas of the body.

I work on all reflex areas but feet are my specialty.   The reflex points are more specific in the feet because the points are more spread out and easier to work with. Meridians from these areas reach all points of the body and with stimulation on their reflex points healing occurs.   I have been able to shift spinal alignments, neck pains, shoulder pains, intestinal problems, basic emotional blocks —the reflexes can work on any part of the body.  Reflexology can  also to break up crystal deposits (felt as a sandy or gritty areas under the skin which may interfere with this natural flow of the body’s energy.

During reflexology clients advise what pressure is comfortable and then often go to sleep as I work on their feet.  They end up saying they don’t want to get off the table because they are so relaxed (like my massages).  With reflexology their legs and feet feel Light  and they almost feel like they can float when they begin to walk.  They feel relaxed and at peace after either reflexology or massage.  They often find any aches or pains are reduced or disappeared and they have a general sense of well being—much better than when they arrived.    I get major kudos from everyone I work with.

Other Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Helps to strengthen the body’s immunological defences.
  • Helps to restore mental alertness and improves the attention span which can stimulate creativity and productivity.
  • Helps to calm the mind and body.
  • Empowers one to feel more relaxed and good, thereby supporting relationships in the work place and at home.
  • Allows shifts in physical, mental and emotional areas that need to be brought into balance for optimal health.

A basic reflexology session is about 40-45 minutes.  If it is combined with a massage the total time could be just over 90 minutes.

 I have had amazing results with reflexology - with love and the client’s intent to receive balance and with the support of the guides. I always work in combination with the support of angels and ascended masters and guides of the light as I incorporate reflexology, reiki and massage plus other modalities in a healing session.

I am always working on all levels, all planes, all dimensions for the highest good, most benevolent outcome and support of the client, as we work together to bring in perfect balance.

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