Universal Messenger Channelling

From time to time I will channel to bring in messages of the Light. I was extremely busy in 2008 integrating higher frequencies for the earth, our relations and self.

Allan, my husband, and I often work together to channel information through. Our strengths and connections are well matched and our Guides seem to work overtime to support our working together. We were married by the Pleiadians two months before our official ‘legal’ ceremony in August of 2006. The channelling that came through told us who we were, why we were together and that we would not only work together but bring through a very special healing modality that would be specifically ours to share. We have facilitated some amazing shifts for people when we have worked together. It is our dream and passion to be of service to others!

To be able to travel together, to work together
is ‘Icing on The Chocolate Carrot Cake’!!!


Please contact me for more info.