About Me

Hello!  Catherine Green here!

For more than thirty years I have been searching for and learning many healing modalities to bring me increased knowledge and expertise, which enables me to support and to empower friends, family and clients into more balance, health, joy and empowerment.

From childhood, I have had a connection with spirit and energy systems.  I have always had a close connection to our planet and feel so blessed that I live in an area where I can easily walk the earth to feel her heart beat and life force.

Living in British Columbia connected me to the shamanistic ways and I live these principles every day. One might say I am a "Dancing Healer".  Dancing because as a facilitator I can use, as needed, different modalities to resonate with a client's belief system and patterns, and healer, as one who supports and facilitates others into balance and wellness should that be their choice.

While working as a Reiki Master, Reflexologist and transformer for hereditary and karmic frequencies, I was divinely guided to Zenith Omega, an energy management system, that works to re-establish the link between mind, body, and spirit so that we may find emotional and physical healing. I see miracles every time I work in the Zenith Omega fields and "give great thanks" for the gift of this work!

What I have learned and experienced through the various healing modalities that I employ, what I wish to share that brings an individual toward better health or more joy is not just simply my ability to give a massage, design a spa treatment or offer nutrition counselling.  My gifts enable me to do much more. When I help someone I dedicate myself to their ultimate wellbeing.  With their permission, I utilize all the tools in my‘ ‘healing’ modality tool chest’ that may be needed to support the enhancement of that person's emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

I am a coach, teacher and practitioner of these various healing modalities.  I facilitate Zenith Omega clearings and Light Body Acceleration and have attained the following designations as well as been named Regional Manager for Canada.

Certified Master Teacher Levels 1-5

Certified Master Facilitator Levels 1-6

Includes Light Body Acceleration

I offer day spa sessions or custom retreats of all healing modalities in Ompah where I live, and I also schedule sessions in other areas of Canada.  For those individuals that are unable to travel or book a session at a convenient location, I am available for long distance healings.

My husband and I share the beauty and gifts of our home and land with many others when they come to experience the support which we can offer at The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre in Ompah, Ontario.  Our land is embedded with milky quartz crystals; it possesses sacred portals to empower meditation and communication; and it has its own healing qualities.  Everyone who comes finds peace within our home and on the land.  We are surrounded by vast stretched of unpopulated area, dazzling water, and wildlife that feed within twenty feet of our doorstep.

I am here in service, joy, love and rainbow light!

About My Name

I was born Catherine and kept the spelling of this name until the mid 1980’s when I changed my name to Cathryn. I did this because in numerology the new spelling worked 100% better with my now late husband’s name.

In the autumn of 2012,  my husband Allan and I were amalgamating assets that required legal documentation and I had to make a choice as to what name I would have on the legal documents.  So I when I looked at Catherine Green, the energies were more powerful—numerologically better and wow—I felt aligned.   So, that said, I am letting Cathryn  go and embracing Catherine!

Many Blessings to All!

Catherine Green

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