Fibonacci for Vibrational Healing Responses

To promote healing response for her clients, Catherine is having success using Fibonacci Tuning Forks.  This is non invasive, energy based modality, rooted in the traditional health care therapies of Asian medicine going back three millennia.  Using acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body’s energy systems, the rich resonance produced by these precisely calibrated tuning forks sensate into the body along your energy pathways to reach those essential and, oft times, indiscernible places within you.    The reverberations connect and stimulate your body’s natural frequencies.

Today researchers are proving what ancient people have know for thousands of years - our body responds to vibration.  Every cell and organ in the body resonates with its own frequency and responds to other vibrations.  When we speak of what constitutes the human being, we include those parts that we can see, touch, taste, smell, or hear, those parts that we know exist, but are so microscopic or unaccessible that we often forget their importance, and those parts that are too often considered ethereal or intangible.  All these parts differ from each other and each resonates with a distinct microscopic strand of energy, its own vibration. One might call this vibration a frequency or melody or overtone.  There are a millions of reverberation or frequencies that are undetectable to the human ear but nevertheless they co-exist within each of us, interact with each other and interact with the frequencies resonating from other people as well as the external vibrations of our environment. 

How Does One Heal What is Undetectable

Human physiology is an intricate assembly of multiple processes that are  designed to function simultaneously and harmoniously. However, any one of these physiological processes can be misaligned, interrupted, misdirected,  or blocked and that kind of malfunction can go undetected for years or for lifetimes.  As a general rule we  have a tendency to pay less attention to what we can’t see, touch, or hear within ourselves.  Given our motivations, focused intent, powered by the healing energy of sound and some guidance to expose our potential, our human physiology has the profound capability of restoring itself to balance. 

Catherine has an arsenal of modalities and tools that she uses to help you reach those imperceptible places and to promote connectivity, wellness, and deep inner harmony within your body, mind and spirit.

Fibonacci Tuning Forks are more than just a set of tools from Catherine's Healing Modality Chest. When Catherine uses the Fibonacci Tuning Forks she trusts the Fibonacci Intervals as the means of accessing a universe within a universe within another universe, opening gateways which empower healing, insights, visions,  gifts, and wholeness.  She believes that the impossible becomes possible through the centre of the gateways of time, that  Fibonacci awakens the seed within the Star Children that was planted long ago that will be awakened in the multidimensional self or selves.




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