The Music of the Universe - Fibonacci for Vibrational Healing Responses continued...

In ancient science or sacred languages, the universe has a divine rhythm, all things well ordered and fine-tuned to produce vibrations in harmonic balance - like a symphonic masterpiece.  When we listen to music our ears hear the violin and flute playing fundamental tones to produce the melody but we hear each instrument as distinct, with its own subtle or subsidiary quality, called an overtone.  In the music of the universe the waves and vibrations also produce overtones which are not distinguishable.  These overtones are the “hidden” sounds of music.

The importance of overtones in healing is not new.  Playing, singing, and listening to music, chanting, sacred mantras, etheric bells, wind chimes, sacred drums, Tibetan singing bowls have long been considered beneficial for healing and spiritual awaking.   Obviously our ears are sensitive to overtones, but our skin, too, is highly sensitive to vibrations.  Overtones generate multitudinous layers of spiralling pulsations that produce corresponding oscillation effects in our nerves.  These reverberations directly reach the spiral shaped gland in our brain, the pineal gland, which is referred to as the doorway to alternate dimensions and the spirit.   The spiralling pulsations are the connection between our physical body and energy.  Activating your brain  through vibration therapy like that produced with Fibonacci’s Tuning Forks immediately triggers changes in the brainwaves and chemical messages in the brain, causing millions of neural synaptic junctions to seek out harmonic balance, connecting you with higher levels of consciousness and with deeper awareness.



There are innumerable benefits to being treated with the Fibonacci Tuning Forks:

  • The Fibonacci vibrations work through the meridians of your body and core essence, your autonomic nervous system and your pituitary gland to empower the release of ‘old’ patterns or imbalances and allow upleveling of frequencies and penetrating through blocked pathways, clearing them to reveal your intentions and Divine Purpose.

  • Balancing between heaven and earth, ying and yang, male and female energies brings a sense of well-being and is great for centering.

  • You can experience enhancement of dreaming, visualization, new ideas and astral projection.

  • Empowerment to contact our inner voice of wisdom and healing occurs which empowers letting go of unwanted thoughts.

  • Connection to our inner voice is strengthened, bringing clarity of alignment with source and a deep sense of simplicity.

  • Abilities to enter into higher states of knowledge, spiritual wisdom and direct communications with Light beings, devas and angels can happen.

  • The opening of the Pineal Gland allows greater insights and learning as inner truths are revealed and understood.  Higher spiritual realms are illuminated and simplicity of the complexity of reality is revealed.

Fibonacci in Nature

Fibonacci tones mirror patterns found throughout nature and the cosmic realm. The Fibonacci frequencies are revealed in every aspect of creation, appearing in the smallest to the largest objects in nature, and allowing a path or gateway for information to flow in a very efficient manner.

The Fibonacci sequence - sometimes described as the golden proportions or logarithmic spiral - appears everywhere in nature and is considered pertinent to the growth of every living thing.   Considered nature’s numbering system you will find Fibonacci in a hive of bees, a leaf or petal arrangement in flowers, the seed pattern of sunflowers, the bracts of a pinecone, the eyes, fins and tail of the dolphin, the cochlea of the inner ear, the proportions in the sections of a human finger, a fingerprint.  Fibonacci is evident in something as minute a single cancer cell unseen by the human eye or as enormous as a galaxy.

Humankind marvels that nature grows in most efficient ways.  However, unlike humans most of nature is uncomplicated and untethered by the interferences that befall and cause imbalances in mankind.   The Fibonacci Tuning Forks can be used to bring balance for each of us, restoring us to the simple, natural and efficient manner of growing and thriving,

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