The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre - Click here for details

Image 3-1
Our Place Nestled
in the Trees

 Image 3-2
Our Home

Image 3-3

School House,

1st section of Our Home

from late 1800’s

Image 3-4
Creek and Waterfall Nearby

Image 3-5

Catherine Kayaking

we have 6 kayaks

Image 3-6

Our Past Life
Daughters Visiting

 Image 3-7
Evening Campfire
and Sing-A-Long
(Allan a professional
musician for 25 years
leads drumming circles)

Image 3-8

One of many deer
we feed in winter
20 ft from our windows

Image 3-9
Allan’s Sword of the Earth
near Sacred
Meditation Rock

Lucky 7 Toes

Hobbsy & Spirit


Snow in Ompah

Light Connections

Winter in Ompah

Deer Outside our

Window Feeding

Winter in Ompah