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Allan Green

Allan is a Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey facilitator. Since 1982 he has guided more than 18,000 individuals. Allan has the ability to see what you see and to feel what you feel. He and his guides help remove blocks, phobias, pain, and issues with people this life. Find your mission or purpose, be in the presence of your spirit guides and talk with people passed over, view dragons, fairies, angels, home worlds, find your inner child.

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Louise Lo

Louise's connection with the unseen world began when she was very young and became so strong in adulthood that she dedicated herself to it, assisting others who are in their path for ascension transformation, and wellness for body mind and spirit. She now has been certified in Reik Grand Master, Quantum-Touch Practitioner Instructor, Spiritual Healer, and Zenith-Omega Level One.

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Deb Graves

Visionary Artist Deb~Aurah Graves, also known as Araznu, who creates visionary paintings and messages by opening to Divine guidance. These paintings and messages express facets of the ascension process and our paths before us. Utilizing her many gifts of creativity, she produces inspirational media to assist in guiding others to open and bloom in their awareness. Inspirational media, artwork, poetry, inspirational childrens stories, videos, meditations, wood carving, digital graphics, photography and crystal jewelry to name a few.

In combination with her visionary and creative gifts, she is also an energy healer who works within her own modality. She tunes into, and reads each individuals frequency, and then produces a digital image layered with color frequencies, fractals, sacred geometry and intended healing, activations and attunements. These images activate on a subconscious level, can assist in bringing about shifts in ones awareness, and allow you to recognize and release blocked energy. The results triggered by these images can assist you in becoming your true self, a being that resonates with the vibration of unconditional love and joy.

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   Hands of Angels
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Anne Angelheart


A teacher for the Shift in Consciousness, international speaker, radio hose, author and soul reader, Anne has a multitude of tools for the human journey.  She is also the vice president of Zenith Omega.  Tune or call in to L.I.T.E. Radio, Weds 8:00 pm PST  - (347) 884-8169


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Odyssey Books and Resources

A fabulous resource centre for the metaphysical and spiritual located in Ajax, Ontario.  Debbie Purvis, the owner, and her amazing coterie of friends and colleagues gift all who enter the centre. Their extensive and expansive knowledge empowers many to become informed and to up-level in many light modalities.


Odyssey's website