The Evergain Stressbuster Chi Machine

Clients enjoy booking time on the Chi Machine at our retreat centre. For only fifteen minutes per day, one can properly exercise the muscles throughout the whole body, while achieving a relaxing massage that will leave one feeling refreshed and de-stressed for the entire day.

The person lies down and puts their ankles in the two outside indentions. The remote control is used to set the time and the speed of the unit. The person’s feet and lower body are gently moved side to side, creating a healing energy to flow through the muscles and bones which relieves tension and stress. Arms held over the head half way through the session, helps to tone and firm all muscles.

One can also receive a neck massage by placing their neck in the middle indentation. This can remove headaches and neck and shoulder tension.

Includes FIR heat and massage for foot massage and reflexology. The heated foot massager delivers precise stimulation to vital points of the soles of the feet and achieves all the benefits of reflexology

Major Health Benefits:

The increase of oxygen intake and lymphatic drainage empowers the metabolism and helps the body to eliminate:

  • Tired gegs
  • Muscle strain
  • Backbone pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Constipation

Please contact Catherine for more info.

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