Client Testimonials

Zenith Omega is one of the most amazing modalities I have ever worked with. It targets the imbalance(s) and allows the client to release blocks and to receive healing that normally would take much longer when working with most other therapies. Again, the client is the one with their Intent and their Guides that allow the work to manifest.


I`m often asked what happens after a session.  I guess the best way to explain it is to show you what others have said.  I get a lot of emails from clients.  We`ve shared a lot and have become friends or sisters in healing.  So here are some emails or excerpts of emails.  For privacy reasons the names are not included.

Some of these testimonials include comments about my husband Allan who does Past Life and Spiritual Journeys.  We work together especially in some of our retreat experiences.

Much Love and Rainbow Light!




Cat, I am feeling much lighter these days and friday last week I could not feel my physical self. The heaviness that weighed down my heart was lifted to the heavens and for the first time in years I feel great. You and Allan helped me so much to cleanse, repair and energize my soul heart. You are both super fantastic healers! Being with you two reminded me so much about being around nuns and some of my favourite brothers and priests when I was in a catholic boarding in Papua New Guinea.

The heart energy, love and serenity helped to ground me. I had no idea that I would have that experience again but that was the gift that you presented to me on October 21st. It was soul gift with heart peace. So Sister Catherine and Brother Allan, big soul and heart appreciation. I feel good and I hope you both feel good too.

May you know how precious you both are and I will always remember your divine kindness and generosity. It is going to be easy to explain your work to others.

...see you both soon, my dear friends. Just one more thing.  I am sure you both have been told this a million times before, here it is again.  You do amazing work helping people heal.  You are both a true gift to this world, and I for one am thankful you are here in this life time with me.  Be well,  Blessings.

I really do not know where to begin. From the fireworks, chirping crickets, Zenith Omega, portals, drumming, exercises for the lymphatic system, beautiful dinners, great conversations, trips to the portals, crystals including the cylindrical one (the ones where you each have your own), trips to the chambers on the ship and the Blue Ray Healing/integration (sorry not sure what it was called). Then of course meeting everyone.

There were so many wonderful magical moments. It was the first time I was consciously aware what happens when you hold space. I do not even know if I have ever felt energy in that manner before. It first happened when J gave permission to hold energy during his session. I felt the energy in the form of heat and as it moved, I moved me hands to match it. It felt so natural. The next time was when D was experiencing the portals. I followed your lead Catherine and it happened there too. It was beautiful to feel it.


Catherine and Allan are such bright sparks of light sharing their gifts and in assisting their community to achieve balance within! I have been blessed to have connected with them...

Many Blessings

Hi Catherine & Allan
While away I'll be meditating as much as I can, using my crystals etc.Thanks for all you are and all you do ~ you have such an amazing impact on the lives you touch. I thank creator for our paths crossing & the knowing that you share with everyone on the journey.
Thanks, you're in my prayers
Love, Light & all that jazz

Catherine, you seem to also have the gift of answering my questions...

Hello Allan and Catherine,
It was so wonderful to have spent the day with you both on Tuesday.  A and I are eternally grateful for your blessings, kindness and wisdom!  Allan, thank you so very much for facilitating the journeys for us. I know that my daughter and I went exactly where we needed to go,  and I gathered so much insight and am still feeling as though I'm walking in the midst of magic and miracles.  I can't thank you enough.  And Catherine  -- what a beautiful and special healer you are.  I hope we meet again soon.

Thank you Catherine for sharing that.  May all your blessings come back to and Allan tenfold. My son Simon is back to work and doing great.  Thank you again for your prayers and long distance healing.

Hello beautiful Catherine,
I have indeed been thinking of you both – we felt like family in your sacred home and were enveloped by the love you both exude.  For me, the shifts have been very gentle thus far.   D and I feel blessed to have shared with you both.
With infinite love and gratitude

The pleasure is mine to have met you yesterday. You truly are a master teacher. I love your vibrant energy yet down to earth sincerity. It makes me feel really good to know you.

I cannot put into any words how you both have changed my life! My gratefulness will always be radiated through the love I have for you and Allan.

Normally I am nervous about driving home, in the dark and in unfamiliar territory but last night I had many angels in my car with me that made the drive home feel safe.

Allan: You took a lot of question marks out of my current life and facilitating for me the ability to send my 'other child' to the light was soulful for me.

Catherine: I look at you--you are a goddess to me without even speaking. You have opened my eyes to my purpose, mission and my direction now in this lifetime.

I hope that our lives will cross many times over. You both will touch many lives in this lifetime and I am told you must go yonder and gather the forces of good (like myself) to make change in this world, thus your reason for travelling the world. The people you gather in your home country will as such "take care of business here" while you are away cultivating the sheep of the world. They are waiting for you.

Please keep me on your mailing list for events at your home. Catherine, we will be in touch as we both saw yesterday where my path is now.

I stopped in to see my father and completed my journey yesterday. I left their home in peace and am now at peace with everything surrounding them.

I wake up this Saturday morning saying this "Its going to be a Heaven on Earth day today" and lay much gratitude your way for the real C that has emerged this morning through both your facilitations and blessings.  I love you both.

I am so incredibly grateful that you are embracing your gifts and sharing them with those ready to receive!  What you do transforms lives, literally overnight.  Phenomenal!

I feel extremely grateful to be on this path, and that people and resources are being brought to me with such ease.
Thank you again for embracing your gifts and sharing them.  You are both awesome instruments in manifesting the new earth!

Hello my cherished friends, my guides, my teachers!!!
I am grounded and feel “strong”, confident.”
Your presence in my life has truly been experienced as a homecoming for me!!!

Yes it was!  I did the happy dance guys:-).  And it keeps getting better and better!  Major shifting is happening for both R and I.  When I engage in conversation with him, I am now speaking to his Higher Self.   It’s like my “little self” (ego) is not running the show as much as before.  I see it when it wants to take control and can choose differently.   I know I am grounded.  
R is very perceptive, as one of his observations to me will show:  “I’ve noticed a shift in you, something has happened and I’d like to know what it is, I’d like to explore this with you.”  I felt confident enough to share my experience with you both and to answer his questions.  R was very receptive.  He was able to finish on this note:  “I don’t want to get in the way of what you are exploring in your life.  I can see that it’s bringing about a lot of good things for you.  From what you tell me, I believe Catherine and Allan are genuinely helping you. 
My friends, this is MAJOR for me, for us!!!  It transpires in our way of being with each other and it is truly wonderful!

You hold Huge space and Love in All Areas.  I know this now.  I feel it, I live it and am so very GRATEFUL for it!!!!!!  I feel honoured to have you as my friends!

So I write to thank you profusely from the bottom of my heart.  It does feel like some sort of stuckness has been loosened up.  I am so GRATEFUL!  Sincerely, C

Hello Catherine
I just wanted to thank you so much for the Zenith clearing on Saturday! I feel amazing! No headaches or neck/jaw strain at all!! I typically always wake up with that pain!!!! Wooooooo!

Also, aside from the physical, I just feel so great!!! I'm at work right now and I have to admit it’s quite negative in here right now....a lot of stressed out unhappy people but I feel like I could just lift their spirits up and ring the bells!!! ha ha ha!!

I have a lot to deal with today but I just feel so confident that I can just accomplish it all!!!

It was so amazing to see you and Allan on Saturday!! I'm so happy and thankful for everything that was shared!!! So great!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:).

It was just so great for us all! I look forward to getting us all together again!! I can just picture us all sitting around a fire, playing drums, singing, telling stories!!
Love you both!!!!

Since our phone session I’ve been dreaming a lot. Instead of trying to remember specifics (which never works for me) I simply turned on the light when I woke up in the night and wrote down what I was thinking as I came out of the dream. This is what I read back this morning: "Bring it on! You only need to CHOOSE. It is all there waiting for the asking!"  How cool is that?  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I'd say there's lots going on, wouldn't you?
Love you to pieces!!!! Big hugs for both of you....

Thank you Catherine!
I used Zenith with my wife last night as she had pains in her lower left abdominal region since Saturday night. I only used 10 clearings..self esteem, guilt, fear, love,..etc. the regular ones and within one hour the pain had subsided and today she woke up with no pains. My guides told me she was very blocked in her crown, and third eye..and she was I could "feel" the block. That will change though. I believe my ego needed to see your "daughter" experience Zenith as it still wants to take hold every once in awhile. Sometimes, I can't believe the gifts that I have and you are right that I do not realize my full potential yet. It is coming though!

Hello Catherine and Allan. 
I’m writing to say a big ♥ THANK YOU ♥ to you both, and I’m sending a spiritual hug your way (do you feel it?).  My sessions with you have done wonders for me.  If you have time, I’d like to share my experiences with you, let you know how I’m doing after them.

Catherine.  After you did your Zenith Omega healing with me, all I can say is – I felt lighter.  I felt as if a great weight had been lifted off me.  I gave it a couple of days to see how I felt after the initial feeling of lightness.  And I can say that, 3 weeks later, I still feel the same way.  I told you that the most important thing for me to get over was the anger and bitterness I felt toward my ex-husband and my marriage.  You told me to let go of it in my mind, to wish him well, and then to let it go.  After the healing session with you, I don’t feel the anger that was there for so long.  I’m hoping it’s gone for good, but will just keep an eye on it for a while.  Whenever I think of him now, which isn’t as often as before, I quickly dismiss him from my mind, and there’s no lingering anger.  For that, I will be eternally grateful to you.  Thank you.


Allan.  My session with you was absolutely amazing!  Unbelievable!  It has changed my life.  You probably know that, although I believed in the idea of what you could do, there was also some skepticism, and I think that’s what kept me from experiencing anything at the beginning.  I didn’t really buy into the whole thing until you made me look at the door of my house and asked me – What color is the door?  That’s when I was blown away!  That’s when I realized that there was a door, and it was red!  After that, the images and feelings came naturally.  You told me that people answered your questions without thinking, because they already knew the answers.  Did I truly believe you?  No, I admit, I didn’t.  Until I started answering your questions.

Hi Catherine
I tell everyone you cured G. he made the honour roll and received an award in computer and teck last month he had a picture online for awhile of him excepting an award. he's one happy kid now and smiles allot more, he not afraid to ride his bike thru the city either. we went to Ottawa 2 weeks ago and he was able to take care of himself for 3 days.  and I’m glad he a good kid and doesn't party while were away. and he made it to school on time as well.


Thank you Catherine so much for our session the other night. I have to tell you about the ladies function I went to on post Wednesday night...

It was probably the best function that I went to since we moved here last July... It was great, I felt confident and actually enjoyed myself. Met some new people who I thought had a sparkle in their eyes! Also, I sensed that the women that I knew from before, seemed to want to talk to me and enjoyed talking with me. It was a neat feeling. Thanks again for everything, it sure was a nice change from the past functions I went to... And now, I'm feeling good about future socials etc... It's all good! Hope you are doing great! I appreciate you! any thanks,

PS Would I be able to ask you to send me the affirmation that you told me on the phone please? I can remember only 1/2 of the sentence. Thanks!!

Yes, I definitely feeling that I moved into Higher Light !! It's amazing!

Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you for your time today.  I was in awe that so much could happen so quickly, and I am grateful.

M and I spent the entire day running around the city, and we were both totally energized! Usually  he  poops out  way before me.   BUT not today, we just kept on and on and on ... just like the energizer bunny.

I hope the rest of your day went well and that you actually got a chance to have a bit of a break.  So much to do, so little time. Thanks again, Lotsalove

This was so beautiful and peaceful that I felt your spirit in this Catherine.
Thank you once again for sharing. I am filled with reverence.

I remembered you saying after I saw you over the holidays that you would like an update as
 to how things were going with me after our healing process, so I thought I would write you a quick note and let you know.

I remember after our session was over you mentioned that my eyes appeared clearer and brighter. I didn't really register this fact until two days later when I went to a friend's Christmas party. At the party I only knew a handful of people, so it came as a surprise to me when strangers were commenting on how happy I looked. Someone said that I had "sparkly eyes", another person commented that I looked like the type of person that was always happy (which was interesting to me because until seeing you I had been relatively depressed), and I met a man at the party (who I am now seeing) who said that what drew him to me was that when I smiled, I smiled with my whole face and eyes, which made him believe that I was happy and approachable.

But that’s not all I have experienced, since then I have also resolved some tensions I had with my mom, I no longer feel that I need to see my therapist because I feel happy all the time, and emotionally I couldn't be happier. Furthermore, I have not had any gallbladder attacks, which is a huge relief to be pain-free. And although I am still scheduled to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed this Friday, I believe that what you did helped immensely to make the wait more tolerable.

I am sure that my sister has also mentioned to you that my kitty is doing much better as well! The day after seeing you we took her to the vet for her check up and were happy to hear that her blood sugar level had dropped 12 points (and is now at the level it should be at) and she had gained a pound (which was a relief to us). Also, my sister no longer has to take her for bi-weekly check-ups to the vet. :o)

So I just want to thank you for all your help in healing both me and my kitty. I truly believe that what you did has improved my emotional and physical stability, and I will be recommending others who have similar problems as myself to come and see you.

Thanks again for everything,

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Catherine Green last week. Catherine  who sits in my soul and rests on my spirit. A Goddess true and true whose words, light and love are still dancing within me. Thank you Odyssey for bring wonderful people into our lives.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I felt surrounded by your presence.  It was very moving, like being in a long, warm embrace.  A balm for my heart, uplifting for my spirit.
Luv you,

Dearest Catherine:

Thank you for the healing, light and love energies you sent me.

After I sent the e-mail, in the afternoon, I felt a "lightness" and less oppressive fear for the rest of the day. I knew in my heart you had connected with me and sent me healing and loving, grace, peace energies.

Thank you so much. Thank you also, for writing that this core fear/anxiety/despair can finally be cleared. Thank you so much. I am in such joyous anticipation of Nov 13th. You've got me at 10:30 am. It is giving me hope and strength, faith and trust in the Divine and my freedom from something I have lived with all my life. It Is Time for It to Be Gone !!!

With much Appreciation and Gratitude,


You have reached beyond my already high expectations. The kindness, love and caring made learning effortless.  It has been the most uplifting, rejuvenating, opening experience ever!  You are fabulous.

WOW!!!!! I really felt your connection I saw you vividly and felt so much LOVE....I did feel my Pineal Gland expand incredibly, and I saw lots of symbols and data kinda like the theory of pie mathematical and unfamiliar yet familiar equations. The expansion felt like the pineal gland extended the width of the room...I saw white/gold light with the symbols and felt enormous peace and CELESTIAL presence.


This morning I feel balanced neither euphoric nor disphoric ...ALL JUST IS...very CALM....everything is in EXACT ORDER.....ALL IS OK. Love Z.