Understanding Energy Fields & Energy Healing

Our Moving and Pulsing Energy Field

We are intricate multifaceted beings, not just a physical body.  Our physical presence is connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual levels or layers and this connection is by a moving and pulsing energy field that is our etheric meridian or matrix system.

Can this flow of energy be truly identified. No surgeon or radiologist can point out its pathways in the body in the operating room table or on an X-Ray or MRI.  Scientifically, it does not exist.  By this same reckoning however, neither would love, hate, anger, greed, ect, exist. We know these emotions do exist - we see their effects all the time but to clearly identify their existence in the body. would be impossible… as impossible as the identification of the pulsing and flowing energy. And emotions and feelings are energy.

Energy flows through our bodies like water and/or electricity, and is essentially formless. It provides our body with animation, life, and general character. The exchanging of energies within our bodies occur far more simply than the bodies processing of fluids and nutrients for physical energy.

This energy can be developed and controlled. Re-defined, identified, and expanded, it establishes the connection to our sphere of influence, our capacity for inner movement, our physical and metaphysical awareness, power and strength. This energy is responsible for our basic vitality, our health and well being, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It continues to be identified as the cohesive force between the mind-body-spirit.  When our energy field is balanced we are in a state of harmony.

One might describe this energy as a liquid light around and through the various layers that make up our being, a liquid light that affects our bodies, our interactions with others, even our thoughts and feelings.  Everything we are and do is part of this pulsating and flowing energy.

We are sheltered by this energy and exposed or open to it.  Our bodies are receiving stations for energy and transmitters of energy.  The human body is an exquisite,  highly developed and very sensitive device that is constantly detecting and measuring  this energy, similar to a scientific instrument like a volt-meter,  seismometer,  or electrometer is used to measure other energies.  We know or can feel when we are not in a balanced or harmonious state.

We all have storage centers in our bodies that store energy and energy patterns.  We can be receptacles for negative energy that can cause pain, dis-ease  weakness and imbalance or amass positive energy that can work mightily to restore our health, joy, strength or balance.  We can store energy patterns from recent experiences as well as from many years ago. Some of these patterns will be happy memories, but the unpleasant or painful ones we sometimes secrete away trying to forget about them, but they don’t really go away – they sit there and can accumulate to cause disruption, disharmony or blockages to the flow or vibrations of our energy matrix.

This matrix is in immediate contact with our many layers including our physical body, affecting it, sustaining it, connecting our physical presence to a higher essence.  Our human body is tuned into the energy matrix and can detect these disturbances to the energy flow, often before they manifest into serious illness or dis-ease in the physical body.

Energy healers can recognize imbalances or disruptions before they enter the physical body.

Healing Balances Energy

Yes we are complicated beings, distinguished by our layers of the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.  Yes, we may have long held obstructions to our energy flow, but we are not doomed.  There are ways to restore your energy balance and return to a state of complete harmony.

Your energy flows more freely when you are centered and grounded.

One approach is to become the most complete and loving being you can be. The healing energy of love will naturally dissolve the parts of you that are keeping you unbalanced.

Holistic healing therapies can bring about balance and wellness. Some energy-based modalities involve practitioners using hands-on techniques, non-touch or absentia or distance treatments.

Healing modalities like Zenith Omega or Reiki help us work our way through the maze of energy pathways to heal the various layers of who we really are and really meant to be. Working with a trained energy worker can accelerate the process of achieving balance and harmony in all aspects of your life.

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