Zenith OmegaTM

If you seek
a balanced lifestyle, a physically healthy body, clarity of thought and emotional equilibrium in life, then Zenith Omega™ can be a most effective healing tool for you. Zenith Omega is energy work that re-establishes the link between mind, body and spirit.


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I was divinely guided to Zenith Omega as I worked as a Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Transformer for Hereditary and Karmic Frequencies.  I knew instantly that this healing modality was vital to my purpose and the work I do helping others.  I absorbed myself in learning and anchoring Zenith Omega for myself so that I could beneficially use it and teach it.

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Certified Master Teacher Zenith Omega Levels 1-5

Certified Master Practitioner Zenith Omega Levels 1-6

What is Zenith Omega?
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What is Zenith Omega

Zenith OmegaTM is an alternative healing technique - energy work that uses sound, colour, and sacred geometry to re-establish the links between mind, body and spirit.  In fact this is an ancient healing tool, a way of managing energy, a key that unlocks the door to our inner selves and allows us to reclaim what is our natural heritage: intuition, self and psychic awareness, inspiration, our creative process, good health and healing, our very essence and being.

Zenith Omega facilitates the transformation of any unbalanced emotion or ailment and assists in our spiritual transformation.

Emotions, thought, issues and experiences are all energy and they can create blockages through the body, which suppress your intuition, imagination and creativity. Imagine putting a layer of paint over an entire light bulb. Let it dry then paint it again…and again…and again. Soon the light from within will barely filter through, regardless of how much electrical energy is used. This is similar to how dis-ease, dis-function and dis-harmony can paint layers of illusion over our lives.

Zenith Omega removes the layers
so you can be in your full potential.

Zenith OmegaTM works with Light Color Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Sound, and Sacred Guides to dissolve blocks in the our etheric meridians and matrix system, allowing the reintegration of source energy back into our physical DNA. This allows more light to enter into our energy field. As acupuncture works on the physical meridians to create balance, Zenith Omega works on all meridians where everything starts, and is effective in reorganizing latent DNA, creating openings that support us in our path to wholeness.

With intent and desire and the support of magnificent etheric guides, Zenith Omega facilitates the transformation of any unbalanced emotion or ailment and assists in our spiritual transformation.

As the color energy patterns resonate through the body’s energy pathways, it flows into the surrounding cellular structure and permeates all the way to the very DNA, and begins to release energy blocks at the genetic level.

This is fine for the body! But what about the energy fields for the spirit…. The mind?

Zenith Omega Clears Blockages

Because Zenith Omega™ is designed to clear ALL blockages, this color energy infiltrates into all of the energy fields that surround the body, where the energy begins to release issues and stagnant patterns-blockages-that have been stored, programmed, or encoded there. With the cleared fields of energy, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns, and can now make choices from a more realistic aspect, rather than through false illusions, fear, anger, ego, greed and guilt, one or more of those debilitating and crippling dis-eases.

As a certified practitioner and teacher I am available and in total service in Love and Light to empower you with clearings and teaching of Zenith Omega. I facilitate clearings in person or long distance.

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Benefits of Zenith Omega

Zenith Omega Clearings
Heal and Ground You

Once Zenith Omega has cleansed your field, the pure energy flowing from source, again moves through you as intended. The brain and heart centers reconnect. Your mind becomes alive with the truth of who you are. Your life becomes centered. You become aware of a sense of wholeness and effectiveness; your purpose becomes clear as you move forward along the path of your choice.


You will benefit from:

  • An increased feeling and sense of well-being

  • Clarity of ideas and purpose

  • More self-confidence and personal power

  • Greater insight into yourself and others

  • Physical healing\

  • Expansive abilities

  • Restoration of joy and laughter in life

  • Better communication and understanding in relationships

  • Feeling balanced and centred in a forever deepening experience of love.

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ASK, Believe and Receive - Distance Healing with Zenith Omega

Zenith Omega is an energy healing modality that can be utilized in abscentia or from a distance.  As an experienced Zenith Omega practitioner, healer and scentient being I place my purpose on another far away and because spiritual energy is not bounded by space or time my physical presence is not necessary to help you. 

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History of Zenith Omega

Zenith Omega is an ancient energy that was almost lost.  Fortunately it was brought through in the 1980s by William Wiltshire and his wife Annie. Because the frequencies were so pure and high, few people could receive their benefits. Now that the planet and the galaxy have moved into lighter frequencies, Zenith Omega can be utilized for all to empower wondrous growth and shifts in health and spiritual awareness....read more


Anyone Can Learn Zenith Omega -  Become a Practitioner

Anyone can learn Zenith Omega, but you need to take the classes to receive the material that shows each clearing as a map and to receive instruction on how to apply it. Classes and workshops in Zenith Omega are available for those who just wish to to learn for themselves or to facilitate the clearings in service to others...learn more.  

If you would like to become a teacher of Zenith Omega™ , you must first take the courses and utilize Zenith Omega™ Volumes one through 4.   After this apprenticeship you may then proceed to the next levels through instruction and workshops. 
View the list of clearings or table of contents of each volume of instruction.

Please contact me for classes and ongoing sessions.