Distance Healing - Remote Healing

Many energy healing modalities can be utilized in long distance or remote healing sessions. My physical presence is not necessary and in some cases even voice communication is not required.


Healing from a remote location such as by telephone is achievable because spiritual energy is not bounded by time and space.

As an experienced healer and scentient being I place my purpose on another far away. I feel or understand another`s energy to help them get their own energy force flowing, support them to eliminate impediments to moving forward and guide them on their path to healing themselves.

I consider that everyone is a healer and we are all able to be healers of ourselves. Intent is the key.  If one asks for healing, believes in its power, then healing will take place.

Common Sense: The ability to receive healing from a distance, though effective, must be viewed realistically.  While I sometimes marvel at the results and feel blessed to be part of the healing process I feel obligated to point out that sometimes the issues, concerns, or problems that a person harbours in themselves have often taken years to develop and are not always alleviated or remedied in one session. As with any curative a single treatment is better than none, but I would be remiss not to make you aware that in some cases a series of healings would be more beneficial.

Please email or phone me for more information or to book a long distance session.

You can contact me for more details on  what healing modality would be most beneficial to you.

Or if you are in my area or visiting a location where I am scheduled:

  1. Book a session In Ompah, Ontario where I live - day or longer stay at  The Goddess and The Green Man Crystal Earth Healing Centre.
  2. At the various locations that I visit on a regular basis (see calendar).