Origin of Zenith Omega

The Reverend William Wiltshire was the channel from which the Zenith information came. Reverend Wiltshire was an ordained minister and a most interesting man to be with He resided in America until his death in 1999. The following is the story of how Zenith came to be.

In 1984 the Reverend Wiltshire* had a massive heart attack which damaged three quarters of his heart and for the following few years lived with the knowledge that although seriously ill he still had things to do before he made his transition. Bill, as he was known to his friends and loved ones, was not afraid of making his transition because he had had several “near death” experiences and knew the other side was peaceful and beautiful.

One morning in June 1986 the Reverend Wiltshire woke and saw three Spirits at the bottom of his bed. He knew that these were different to the others he’d seen before because these were colored. One was big and blue, the second was violet and the third was deep red. Annie who was Bill’s wife had put chairs at the bottom of the bed a few days earlier she was Bill’s great love and had taught him much about other things in life. When Annie went to see Bill he asked her about the spirits and she replied that of course she knew they were there and that was why she’d put the chairs there for them to sit on.

On the morning of June 30th the Reverend Wiltshire woke up to find a beautiful Being by his bedside. He had been seeing Spirits about him for some time and knew that this one was special. He spoke to the Being and asked it if it was there for him and was told yes. Bill decided to go to the bathroom before leaving and found on his return to his room the Being waiting for him. Bill sat on the bed where Annie was sleeping and told her that he loved her, he then took the outstretched hand of the Being and left.

What Bill hadn’t realized was that Annie was not asleep. She quickly called the emergency department to get help for Bill. She was not at all pleased when the medic’s arrived and on examining Bill’s body told her he was dead and where did she want him taken to. It took some time for Annie to persuade the medic’s that Bill should be taken to hospital where his Doctor was waiting for him. This they did and Bill was put on a life support system for a while during which time Annie frequently saw The Big Blue Spirit in attendance with Bill.

On July the nineteenth a heart became available for Bill. When the operation was completed Annie could see Bills body she could also see that the Aura was not the same color but was blue like that of the Blue Spirit that had stayed close to Bill during the later stages of his illness.

Bill’s body recovered quite quickly and things in the lives of William and Annie Wiltshire changed. There were many adjustments to be made Big Blue who was larger than Bill told Annie his name Arnu. He loved painting and Annie found it most difficult keeping up with the cost of some of his demands especially for more paints and more canvas. Most of the paintings that Arnu did were very vibrant and very colorful and this is how Zenith began.

Zenith Omega ™ is a key, a key that opens the Self to Self. When this happens what and who we see are not always what and who we wanted to see. However, the being now has power of choice, and the freedom and liberty to become whatever they may choose. If they honor their Soul in this choice, all the Worlds of all the creators Heavens will rejoice.
May the One be with you in your choice. We all travel different paths and the paths are all on different levels, BUT, they will lead to the same place sooner or later. The place of one’s final choice shall we choose to enter the body of “One” or not. It will be the final play of the game and there are no overtime periods.

So take up the gift of Zenith Omega™, and do the work the Creator has provided for you, namely freeing the Spirits of your brothers and sisters, now trapped in the game called Power and Control, release them to the same Light you now enjoy, provide them with the gift of liberty and freedom, unlock them with the key we know as Zenith Omega™


*The Rev. William Wiltshire made his Transition in July of 1999

Message from Rev. W.R. Wiltshire

wiltshireWhen one views the vast body of literature on the Energy Fields, Chakras, Meridians, Spin Points, and Bodies of Man, it soon becomes apparent that many years of study and research, by many minds, were required to bring it all into print. Certainly no one person or group could ever claim credit for such a vast array of wisdom.

The information and techniques contained in the Zenith System grew and continues to grow from thie reservoir of literature. So we say, "Thank You", to all who contributed knowledge to this study. A special "Thank You" to those Higher Powers who saw fit to provide us access to their knowledge, techniques, and systems is also given.

This program is meant for all humankind with the sincere hope that it provides the keys necessary to bring mankind into the Violet Vibrations, in preparation for Elevation, Transition, and Ascension.

Rev. W.R. Wiltshire