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Twin Flames in Union - Soul Tribe Channel

Catherine & Allan Green share many concepts and their awareness of the joys and pitfalls of twin flames coming and being together from their own personal & spiritual experiences.

Rebels Compass - Energy Blocks and Triggers

We are in a time where the frequency of Mother Earth has increased.
In doing so it affects us, be aware of your energy.  What are the blocks we place upon ourselves?  What holds us back?  What triggers propel us forward so we can evolve?.
 Original air date, 2019

Starseed Radio Academy - Broadcast in Spirituality

Catherine shares her early spiritual understanding and how those earlier experiences differed from mainstream ideals.  Original air date, July 15, 2014

Riding the Ascension Waves - Interview

Catherine speaks with Christine Frances, Ask Your Angels Talk Show Host, discussing Zenith Omega and the World's Ascension. Original air date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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